Why Great Entrepreneurs start off as Great Researchers

September 27, 2013

Entrepreneur Research

Starting a new business requires determination, hard work and thorough research. The last point is perhaps the most important of all; gaining a sophisticated knowledge of an existing business landscape within a chosen discipline is only possible if you put the hours in at the books (and the computer).

Investigating competition, searching for investors or potential business partners with relevant experience are all vital parts of the process and thankfully, entrepreneurs are blessed with plenty of resources when starting out in today’s market. 

Learn about your market

Every entrepreneur shares their business idea with friends and family, this is helpful to gain momentum, tap into a support community and assess the subjective merits of an idea. The next stage in business development takes on a more objective form. It is in this stage that business owners need to source reliable information related to their target market.

Market research is key. Small business owners should investigate potential demographics, locations, competitors and any relevant and available financial information about similar businesses already in existence. Websites like Company House and other online resources provide comprehensive and reliable data about a range of businesses.

Beyond internet research, conducting focus group type market research provides the opportunity to get inside the mind of a potential client or consumer group and solicit unbiased and honest responses about ideas.

This said, secondary market research is still important. Learn about your target demographic’s larger spending habits and income tiers, assess the success of previous products or services that might be similar to yours in even some small way. This type of research will provide an outline of where to focus further research and potentially reveal any holes in current available data.

The merits of networking

Researching previous and predicted consumer habits is extremely valuable in a rapidly changing marketplace, so utilize social and professional networks like Facebook and Duedil to find out which way the trends are moving. Market trends change quickly and analysing this can provide opportunities for development in response to changing attitudes, which will in turn result in resilience and a competitive advantage for your business.

Networking sites can also be invaluable tools for matching up with potential business partners. If you can search for a professional with complementary skills to your own, any new partnership will stand a much greater chance of success.

Starting a new business is no easy feat but with comprehensive research and a great business plan a determined entrepreneur with a great idea can source start-up capital and begin to build their business. Think of the business plan you started with as a living document that will evolve and change as research and experience inform new directions and ideas.

Image by Heisenberg Media, used under Creative Commons license